Emerging Futures

Emerging Futures


Emerging Futures in  Gloucestershire provide an aftercare service to the county, were people are hand held through their transition from community services in to recovery communities, we do this through our recovery coaching model, we provide up to 12 weeks support for individuals engaged in the transition. We offer group work, 1-2-1 support and wellbeing activities so that individuals no longer fell alone after their treatment journey.


Recovery Coaching: is the “next step on” from peer mentoring! We recruit, train, accredit & supervise those who have a story to tell and experience to give to create a “mirror workforce” that works at the pre and post stages of any treatment system. Our coaches provide engagement, BI’s, co-facilitation and aftercare services focused on our knowledge that in order to sustain change people need someone to love, something to do and somewhere to live.

Family Coaching: The impact of problematic drug and alcohol use on families is profound. Our CAN families coach model combines coaching with evidence-based wellbeing modules to enhance each family’s unique ability to build resilience, establish values and fundamentally drive their own families’ recovery.

Wellbeing Coaching: Mutual aid networks for people suffering MHPs is patchy and rarely driven by the SUs themselves! Working with organisations such as MIND, EF have trained volunteers to develop these networks by employing an ABCD ..EF approach to asset map resources and build connections, building on what is already strong in communities. 

Recovery Housing

Northgate House in Gloucester, is a 10 bed recovery house in the City. This is not your traditional recovery house, this is a programme where people will be engaged in the community. The residents of the house will be an  asset to the community it sits in.





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