Foundations of Recovery


Foundations of Change:

An early engagement and preparatory programme aimed at supporting/building pre-recovery motivation and developing individuals’ understanding of the recovery process. The emphasis will be on employing strengths based assessment tools to identify an individual’s existing social recovery capital and nurturing a positive therapeutic alliance with a designated key worker and the service. A recovery plan will be created by each participant that will be a focal point their work during Foundations of Growth and Foundations of Life.


Foundations of Growth:

This stage of the programme is designed to facilitate the transition from a culture of addiction to a culture of recovery. It builds on the sense of safety that has been established and builds on the awareness and motivation gained from FoC. An increasing emphasis is put on the acquisition and application of key recovery skills. This includes a greater understanding of an individual’s own psychological processes and active participation with internal (treatment system) and external recovery networks.


Foundations of Life:

Is a 12-16 week programme focussed on developing the skills, insight and external support networks to maintain and sustain longterm abstinence. It continues to develop self-awareness and Self-acceptance and introduces the practice of mindfulness as a cognitive tool to build resilience and enhanced coping skills.

Following graduation, participants enter a period where ongoing contact is maintained with the FOR and facilitative roles, as recovery mentors and treatment graduates can be taken up supporting the ongoing delivery, management and development of the programme. Graduates will also be supported to manage their separation from treatment and ongoing establishment in the wider community.

Mission Statement of the Foundations of Recovery programme.

To both raise the overall quality of life and actualise the full potential of individuals in treatment for addiction by building recovery capital across personal, social and community domains in a positive therapeutic environment that nurtures, inspires, improves, enhances, educates, informs, motivates and empowers clients, facilitators, services and the local communities in which they are embedded.