Concerned Others Support

Carers Group

The Concerned Others Group is a support group that is was created because family, friends and partners told local services that they needed a non-judgemental place to talk freely, where they can feel less alone.

  • The support group is only for carers of partners, family or friends with a dependency on drugs and/or alcohol
  • The group offers a place to talk and share, to learn from the advice and different experiences of others living with this challenge
  • Information and advice can be from the practical to the psychological issues encountered
  • Members of the group are respectful of the need for empathy and confidentiality so that it is a safe place to talk

Some of the things explored are:How to deal with rehabilitation or stopping?

  • What is detox?
  • Understanding addiction better?
  • How to cope with my emotions, guilt, anger, frustration etc…?
  • What do I need to do to keep myself well?
  • Coping with anxiety related to the dangers of addiction?
  • Who needs to know?

For more details contact us on: 01452 223 014

Local support available