6-8 Week Programmes

CGL Gloucestershire offer 6-8 weeks programmes for clients who are looking to reduce or control their substance use, this is ideally targeted at those who are mis-using alcohol however are not dependant, amphetamines, cocaine and cannabis.


6 Week Focus Group – This 6 week programme aims to help those with lower level substance use who are looking at reducing or controlling their use. The sessions cover useful reduction techniques, looking at obstacles to recovery, goal planning and harm reduction.


Anxiety/Depression Group – This 6 week programmes aims to provide support for those who feel as if they are effected by anxiety and/or depression and feel this may be a driving force behind their substance use. The sessions cover grounding techniques, ways to challenge negative thinking and common mind traps amongst others


EBI Alcohol Group – EBI Alcohol is a 6 week course which is designed for those who wish to reduce their alcohol use. The sessions aim to help clients reduce their alcohol use to safer drinking levels and is designed for those who have an Alcohol Audit score of around 16 and lower.


Mindfulness – This 6 week programme looks to introduce people to the concept of Mindfulness which is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. The sessions include an introduction to Mindfulness, grounding and breathing techniques and other practices which have been proven to be beneficial in recovery.


Relapse Prevention Group – This programme is aimed at people who are currently abstinent from substances and are hoping to maintain this but may be struggling with urges and cravings. The sessions focus on identifying patterns that cause relapses, emergency planning, looking at Mutual Aid and understanding and identifying urges and cravings amongst more material.


The Way Forward Group – This programme focuses on people who are looking towards next steps which includes courses, voluntary work, career advice and support to gain employment.


Twilight Recovery – This group is aimed and people who are currently engaged within full time work but are looking for recovery based interventions outside of office hours. The sessions cover a mixture of material gathered from each of the 6-8 week programmes.